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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

[Almost a good term]
It has been a rather fruitful term that has passed. I digress. I think my posts are quite boring. I've been reading the blogs of younger people - both guys and girls - and what they write seems to be more exciting that what I write. All those birthday parties and photos that trigger memories. And not forgetting their challenges in life at a life changing stage. Maybe I am way past that. Maybe.

Back to the topic of results, they are improving albeit only by an unsignificant miniscule amount - maybe about 0.02. At least this term I am an average B student. I am quite satisfied although an A once a while would be good. Am I am moving from idealism to pragmatism?

Many things have happened this term - it hasn't been smooth sailing, many uncharted waters, many pioneering acts, many opportunities and a gold medal (which I have not written about yet).

Some things happened for the better. But not all have. But there were many lessons learnt. Thanks for pointing that out Minghuei - life is fair, when you lose something, you gain something - that was a good one.

There are many interpretations of life. Some say life is a journey, others say life is a stage. But whatever it is, the meaning of your life is what you experience first hand and make out of it.


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