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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

[Hitting the nail on the head]
MPs hit the nail on the head with the important question about whether one should step down for one's mistakes. And that was what Singaporeans had started to comment on immediately after the escape of Mas Selamat.

When I posed that question in class during the eruption of the case, my Prof compared the situation to other countries. He mentioned that had this happened in European countries, ministers would have gladly stepped down with no questions asked.

For now, as said by PM Lee in Parliament today: "Let us pull together, grow from this experience, and emerge stronger from this."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, What PM Mr Lee say is true in a certain political cohesive sense for unity as a government and solidarity maybe as a country as well.
However, it does not ring well with the government's stand of being a first class govt for accountability and transparency. As leaders, ought to lead by example from the front and if mistakes happen under your watch and indirect supervision, you should account for it. I thought that this is the high standards that PAP expects of itself. This is the basis of the argument that PM Mr Lee and MM Mr Lee used for the million dollar salaries. "Pay peanuts, you get monkeys". Since you frequently used the benchmark of big corporation executives for renumeration, it is only right that corporate standards of punishment should be used as well such as a paycut, demotion or even termination. As the saying goes, " there is no free lunch in the this world", a high salary naturally comes with high pressure, stress and etc.
Well, I really hope that the govt will not disappoint us again. Already as it is, a lot of people like anonymous are getting cynical about things. As for me, my personal opinion rating index dropped to 56% from 60% as of nowas a result of this mistake however accidental it may be. It also sort of corroded Overseas Singaporeans' opinion of things going on back home. Not only that, many foreigners like my friends who had a good impression of Singapore as a safe and well-governed country, got their good thoughts dented a bit. What I am saying here, is really for the good of Singapore although it may sound not really nice. But I really do meant well for PAP govt and more importantly for Singapore 's sake as the ultimate and highest priority.


Friday, April 25, 2008 8:58:00 am


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