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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

[Meeting Residents of Blks 419-421 Hougang Ave 10]
1. It was a warm evening and I had arrived a little late because of a bad jam on the TPE. After visiting the units at Blk 421, I had a dialogue with residents of Blks 419-421. Many were happy just to chat. Dirty lifts were a particular problem especially urine, even faeces! I asked the Town Council official to step up enforcement. Unless we take action against one or two culprits, the problem can't be solved.

2. As always, the number one request was lift upgrading. I replied that the application has been made and we are hoping for the green light next year. However, not all residents may benefit because some of the blocks in the precinct have a complicated design which makes it hard to build additional lift shafts. I hope the architects and engineers can come up with good solutions. Cost of living, particularly food and fuel inflation, was a big concern. Traffic safety was another worry. A few residents asked for better landscaping in the vicinity including a fitness corner for senior citizens.

3. I met a number of boys and girls who were either studying or going to study in polys and universities. That cheered me up because they are Singapore's future. One TP student asked me about the Mas Selamat case. He asked how the government was going to ensure security with him on the loose. I spent some time talking to him and his parents about the terrorism situation and how we have long been a JI target. Mas Selamat was a serious setback but this is a long fight and we'll just have to keep at it and work with other countries.

4. After the session ended, I took a group picture with Peter Tang and his RC members including a few young kids who've been helping out since they were in primary school.

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