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Thursday, May 22, 2008

[Food in the meeting room]
I shared an interesting anecdote during an internal meeting at my office yesterday. It was about the food in the meeting room. Before you go "wow", what I am going to talk about is not about the good food. Rather it is about how the food travels.

The NAC meeting room has this long boardroom-like table. For the three day curatorial meeting, we had an intense viewing of video works. I cannot give exact details (official secrets act prevents me from doing that) but I can tell you that it features a lot of nude women.

In the area nearest the screen is the General Manager, the Artistic Director sits opposite. The next two are both the curators who sit beside the earlier two facing each other.

Next are the Exhibition Manager and the Education and Outreach Manager followed by the Marketing Manager and finally me.

So the flow of food goes from the General Manager and Artistic Director all the way downwards. The food travel starts in the morning and it ends up (finally) at my area in the afternoon.

Although I cannot share much information on the exhibition I can share these quirky stuff. Of course when the Singapore Biennale 2008 blog is up, more information will naturally be released. In fact, I am busy generating the content over the next few weeks.

We are likely to select guest bloggers to contribute too. If you are keen to be part of it, email NAC_Temp_1@nac.gov.sg and we will contact you shortly.


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