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Monday, May 05, 2008

[Neighbourhood Renewal Programme]
1. HDB has a new programme to renew entire neighbourhoods. In Aljunied GRC, Blks 520-533 Hougang Ave 6 (Crest RC) have been chosen for the inaugural Neighbourhood Renewal Programme. A budget of $3.4m has been allocated. This was announced by MP Yeo Guat Kwang at the launch of the Zero Litter Campaign last Saturday. As it is important to spend the money on amenities and improvements which residents value, an extensive consultation exercise will be carried out. I invite all residents to give us your views. I've formed a Working Committee under RC Chairman Kenny Reyes for this purpose. There is no payment involved for residents.

2. In addition, Blks 520 - 525 and Blks 530 - 533 will be eligible for lift upgrading. This continues to be the number one request of most residents and I'm glad that we've finally got approval for these blocks. While the greater part of the cost will be borne by government, residents who benefit will have to pay a relatively small amount of money.

3. For both the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme and the Lift Upgrading Programme, we need 75% of affected residents to vote in favour. Please give both programmes your fullest support.

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