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Saturday, May 17, 2008

[Random responses]
I have been following bits and pieces of the news as and when I can. Here are some quick thoughts before I go for my meeting (which I will share about later).

Let's start with the minor ones.

Illegal food sellers are getting more rampant in parts of Singapore. Actually, I have been noticing this seller outside Serangoon MRT station for the past half a year. Sometimes there's also a fruit seller. There are many problems that can arise because of this - unclean preparation is one. While the laws prohibit such act, it is always a cat and mouse situation to nab these illegal hawkers. The only solution is to boycott them. Unless of course their prices are dirt cheap.

The second thought is on seat belts. For me, I always like to anticipate problems and come up with solutions. But to impose seat belts on buses may be a radical idea. I remember reading a research paper that drivers tend to speed in cars with seat belts thus causing further accidents. So the issue here with seat belts on buses is not whether or not there are seat belts. We can make it mandatory for seat belts but if no one bothers to buckle up, what is the point then? Even now, back seat passengers seldom buckle up unless in taxis. The crux is not the issue of seat belts but educating the drivers about driving safely which is always something that is not easy to do.

Mrs Lee's stroke is the final topic in this post. Actually for the last few times that I have seen her at the Istana, Mrs Lee always had to have nurses accompany her around and be by her side. She's really weak. In fact the last time I met MM Lee, I felt that his reactions were quite slow too. But as for his thoughts, I am not quite sure. Let's hope for the best.

With that, I shall go for my meeting.


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