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Saturday, June 07, 2008

[Dempsey Hill]
1. I am really surprised by the transformation of the old CMPB complex at Dempsey Hill into a lifestyle complex of bars, restaurants, spas and antique shops. When I worked at the old MINDEF (now MFA) in the 80's, that area used to be part of my jogging circuit from Tanglin Officers' Mess.

2. On Friday evening, I had dinner at House Restaurant (also a spa) with a group of young friends who are helping me set up a Facebook account. It was a pleasant setting with a nice view of the lit-up jungle. We talked about the Obama campaign, Malaysiakini, the response of Chinese netizens to the Sichuan earthquake and what all this means for us in Singapore.

3. Sheikh Haikal ordered a metre-long hot dog (no kidding). I taxed a few inches of it with a few french fries to accompany. We congratulated him for his new contract with FM 91.3. They were all curious to hear about my visit to North Korea.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,
Bernard's here. coming back to Singapore soon in july as u might know from Ephraim. might meet up with u when I get back. what do u say? I learnt a lot of things and made myself a very productive person as a political observer/surveyor, learning to analyze issues on my own and with others from other countries. it really broadened my horizons and made me think of Singapore from a different angle - out of the box so as to speak.
Like I said to u before, this is my long term on-going independent study that I am conducting. in depth research. a lot of homework on my own.
kinda curious how much Singapore has changed in my year of absence. Well, some of my fellow overseas Singaporeans stayed in the States for years. grown numb to the homesickness. Some relish the opportunities they get here in NY although the cost of living is higher and higher taxes. I nearly got sucked into it as well, but convinced myself to return cos of my personal family's concerns and economic slowdown. There is so much more diversity here that I witnessed that I find it fascinating. More than I ever seen in Singapore. I wonder if Singapore prepared to handle more vibrant diversity when it is going to come with a whole more different views. This is something that has yet to come for Singapore.
Oh yeah, Obama is a very dynamic speaker, derided by his opponent as a young inexperienced upstart - only a first term senator. Even I am rooting for him.
So how about the online citizen - singapore version of malaysiakini. Ephraim part of it as well, right ? For the sichuan tragedy, many of my china classmates demsonstrated a strong sense of solidarity at their countrymen back home. I witnessed it. Falungong people had a slient demonstration in NYC, saying this is heaven's punishment for China. Many Mainland Chinese immediately surrounded them and protested back in defence , saying this is evil cult and etc. really a big show of chinese nationalism. The NYPD had to cordon off and separate the two group lest Falungong get run over and beaten up.
By the way, what's your take on the Mymmar tragedy ? the junta is kinda overly suspicious to reject US kind aid. The people are suffering.

Bernard Leong

Saturday, June 07, 2008 2:21:00 pm


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