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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

1. Last Saturday, I gave out certificates of appointment to grassroots leaders serving on various committees for two-year terms. I was surprised at the hundreds of certificates I had to sign. So many volunteers beaver away, often unrecognised.

2. Unlike many countries, grassroots leaders in Singapore do not enjoy financial reward. All they get from me is a New Year card and an occasional meal. Many are out of pocket. I remember hosting a visit from the minister of an Asian country at my Meet the People Session about three years ago. He and his staff could not believe that my helpers were not paid. Separately, the same question was asked of many who were present.

3. Our grassroots leaders play a big role holding our society together. At critical moments, like during SARS, they reach out to every segment, keeping people informed and problems under control. Our old CCC Chairman Teo Juay Kiang still keeps the CCC peace card issued during the racial riots in 1964.

4. During the presentation ceremony, I stressed the importance of bringing in younger volunteers especially those in the 20's and 30's. Every generation has its own hopes and fears which we must try to address. It is not always possible for older residents to understand younger ones, and vice versa. It is also important for our grassroots leaders to work with those who are not in the 'official' grassroots organisations. There are many NGOs doing good work in our constituency, including temple, mosque and church groups. We should work with them and help them where we can. After all, we share a common objective in helping our residents especially those in need.

Bedok Shops Sub Committee

Building Fund Committee

Citizens' Consultative Committee

Civil Defence Executive Committee

Community Club Management Committee

Constituency Sports Club

Crest Residents' Committee

Education Fund Committee

Harmony Residents' Committee

Heights Residents' Committee

Hougang Shops Sub Committee

Indian Activity Executive Committee

Malay Activity Executive Committee

Rise Residents' Committee

Senior Citizens' Executive Committee

Tropica Neighbourhood Committee

Vale Residents' Committee

Women's Executive Committee

Youth Executive Committee

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