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Monday, June 23, 2008

[Jogging at Hougang Stadium]
1. For a change, we jogged at Hougang Stadium this evening. I did twelve laps or 4.8km in 30 minutes. It is a different experience from jogging around Bedok Reservoir or along East Coast Park. In the middle of my run, a man came up to thank me for helping him at MPS. I recognised him but could not remember his case until we chatted later at the exercise corner. It cheered me up that my appeal on his behalf was successful. A few regular joggers encouraged me to run there more often.

2. Another gentleman doing his sit-ups asked if I could get one of the exercise equipment fixed. It was rusting, had dangerously sharp edges and collected stagnant water inside. I said I surely would. Someone has not been doing his job.

2. The Sengkang-Punggol soccer team was practising hard for its match later in the week with Woodlands. When I wished the manager 'good luck', he said, 'get me sponsors'. That's a tough one.

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