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Friday, June 13, 2008

[Meeting Residents of Blks 508-516 Hougang Ave 10]
1. After going house-to-house at Blk 516, I joined residents of the other blocks at the void deck of Blk 515 for a dialogue session. At Blk 516, residents who were in received a bag of 3-in-1 coffee sachets donated by Tan Wang Cheow of Food Empire. Wang Cheow is an old NS-mate from 3 Signals Battalion who is now a successful entrepreneur.

2. At the dialogue session, I reported that the IUP-plus programme will begin in November this year. This had come as a relief to an anxious father worried for his son's O levels. Needless to say, all residents are looking forward to the lift upgrading.

3. High energy and food prices were a major concern. The poor receive various forms of assistance. But the middle classes feel the squeeze too. I assured them that Government was very seized by this issue. I asked a few who had problems to come see me at my Tuesday MPS.

4. I was pleasantly surprised that many residents came down not because they had problems or complaints but because they just wanted to chat and be part of a neighbourhood gathering. That was nice. Some were on their way home from work.

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