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Saturday, June 21, 2008

[Singapore Arts Festival]
The Singapore Arts Festival is coming to an end this week. And this week is probably my busiest at the different venues. I have and will attend a total of five performaces by the end of this week. That means I get home almost at midnight daily and still have to wake up early the next morning to prepare for work. That explains why I have not been blogging.

It has been a smooth sailing week except for an incident that happened during the performance by Quartet New Generation. I was scheduled to be a Duty Assistant for the recorder performance and it was eventful.

People came up to me to feedback that some people were laughing in the Jubilee Hall. And there was someone trying to look for food - she was literally rummaging through some bags searching for food. Nearby, an annoyed member of the audience tried to get her to stop disrupting the show by flinging a programme booklet at her.

The bottomline: the whole incident was recorded by a Straits Times reporter present and appeared in the papers two days ago.

Well, it was difficult to deal with the troublemaker who spoke loudly outside the hall during an encore performance. I tried to ask her to simmer down but was met with a little verbal abuse.

I think patrons of arts performances should have proper behaviour as a sign of respect for both the artists and members of the public.

More on the rest of the other shows that I have attended soon.


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