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Thursday, June 19, 2008

[Sunset at Bedok Reservoir]
1. After many weeks, I found time to run around Bedok Reservoir this evening with my usual group. Henry was able to mobilise everyone in the middle of the day. Although the weather was hot, we managed to complete the round in slightly over 27 minutes.

2. At the exercise station, I did my chin-ups and some shoulder lifts. While resting, I was invited by a group of regular runners to sample their braised duck wings. Since they insisted, I tried one and it was delicious, restaurant standard, I told the man who cooked them.

3. At the far end of the reservoir near Reservoir Village, many people were hard at work preparing for the closing event of the Arts Festival this weekend. I'm looking forward to attending this Saturday. It is nice to see so much life around the reservoir now.

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