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Sunday, June 15, 2008

[Time out]
Over the last three days, the SAF called for a time out.

Our unit was supposed to go for a IPPT test and route march on Thursday and Friday respectively. On Thursday afternoon, the duty specialist informed some of the other specialists of the cancellation of IPPT. Together with a few others, we were supposed to be the station ICs for the test in the afternoon.

Initially, we were speculating what had caused the call for a time out. Some had said it was because of the death of two servicemen over the two days. Others mentioned that there were some technical problems with the IPPT devices.

It was until Friday that we briefed by our Commanding Officer of the three-day time out. Like every game, he said, there are time outs. Further, he reassured all men present for our cohesion activity that such training has been carried out for many years and that the time out was not a result of safety lapses. It is a time to re-examine the training and see if there are any other areas to be looked into.

And that secured the fate of our last two days of realistic training - no physical activity.

It also marked the fifth year of my service which was commemorated with a good service medal from the SAF.


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