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Saturday, June 28, 2008

[Youth Olympics Mural at Bedok Reservoir]
1 The Olympics Games represent a high ideal. The ancient Greeks would lay down their arms and stop fighting for the period of the games when individual athletes competed for honour and glory. Perhaps more than any other civilization, the Greeks celebrated the physical and intellectual ability of the individual. No wonder it was in Greece that the idea of democracy first germinated.

2 Unfortunately the modern Olympic Games have become too much of an exercise in competing nationalism. In 1980, the US boycotted the Moscow Games and the Russians boycotted in return the Los Angeles Games four years later. This year, the Olympic torch became a lightning conductor for all kinds of anti-China grievances. The IOC worries about this and has rightly taken the position that the Games should not be politicized and should not be organised with too much extravagance. We should go back to the original ideal which was competition to bring out the best in individual athletes.

3 It is a great honour for us to host the world's first Youth Olympics in 2010. We should hew close to the ideal, playing host without boastfulness, and welcoming foreigners into our midst as we would close friends and relatives.

4 Inspired by the coming YOG, students from Damai Secondary School painted a wall mural at Blk 706 on the Olympic theme. We had a little ceremony on Saturday morning to unveil the mural organised by Bedok Reservoir Rise RC. We also unveiled another mural in a neighbouring block done by the students of Bedok West Primary School. The event concluded with a breakfast of nasi lemak and mee siam.

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