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Saturday, July 05, 2008

[Accidental award]
One of the reasons why I enjoy doing volunteer work is because I get to learn a lot of new things. When I was with Team Singapore, I learnt more about the various sports and how each game is being played. Now I am learning a lot about arts.

During the presentation at Republic Polytechnic, my fellow intern spoke about how we should stop and stare and question the very things that we take for granted each day. How true.

In May this year, I managed to try my hand at rowing an open-top kayak. Kayaking is very different from dragonboating. For one, the paddle is two sided. This allows the strength to be distributed to both the sides (i.e. left and right).

I just found out last week that this joint event by my Youth Executive Committee won an award for organising this event considering the skeptism that I had initially. We bagged a bronze for the Family Life Champion Award 2008. Looks like 2008 is peppered with a medal and an award so far. I wonder what will be next.

It was a pity that I was unable to bask in the limelight during the prize presentation ceremony last Sunday due to a bout of fever after hosting the launch of the SHINE Youth Festival. I managed to be share the stage with Wu Jia Hui, the guy who sang the 881 theme song 一人一半. He did three of the songs from his album 无家可回 during a segment which I hosted.

The composer of the song, Eric Ng was also present and songwriter Xiao Han as well. We chatted about pursuing dreams and how to break into the music scene in Singapore. Eric shared his thoughts on how Singaporeans could transfer knowledge and tips on their experiences to help other Singaporeans for the future development of the Singapore music scene.


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