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Sunday, July 06, 2008

[Bukit Timah Hill]
Two of the youths in my Youth Executive Committee had initiated a Bukit Timah Hike yesterday morning.

Having not climbed Bukit Timah Hill before, I joined them. We brought a total of 18 students on the hike.

The ascent was steep. And the navigation of the different paths deep in the woods were tedious. It had many bends and goes up and down. Luckily I had followed a group of climbers to Mount Ophir in Malaysia as part of my garang reporter days in Singapore Polytechnic many years ago. I think it is an enriching experience for reporters to be actively involved in something and not just report. If only I can be one.

After the two hour expedition, we made our way to the Hindhede Quarry. The view was surrel. The air was breezy particularly because of the water that cooled the air. It was a fun trip.


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