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Sunday, July 06, 2008

[Eunos Visit]
1. Aljunied GRC MPs visited some blocks at Eunos Division on Sunday afternoon. Although many residents were out, those who were in were happy to chat and take pictures. At the block I visited, lift upgrading was often raised. There were also complaints about residents at a lower floor keeping or feeding cats giving rise to a terrible stench and possibly causing a health hazard. Despite warnings and a recent fine, the problem persists. We promised to follow up.

2. Crows were another problem raised. Crows are scavengers and multply when food is available. I've passed the complaint on ENV.

3. We dropped by a tent set up by a temple for its devotees. The headman remembered me from Kembangan days. While waiting for Mayor Zainul to finish his block visit, I chatted with a lady who was preparing the ingredients for vegetarian bee hoon she was going to fry in the evening.

3. I met one resident who said he saw me running at Bedok Reservoir. He said he was a marathon runner and ran round the reservoir regularly, probably many rounds each time. I told him I wish I could.

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