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Friday, July 04, 2008

[Launch of Containart Pavillion]
I have not been able to post stuff on my blog because I do not a camera phone at the moment. And photos are a must because I think photos are a great complement to what I write. Unless of course it is a serious piece on politics which I weave in once a while.

As mentioned earlier, there was a groundbreaking ceremony of one of the three main sites of the Singapore Biennale. And here's what had happened sometime back in end June.

The Central Promontory Site will host the crown jewels of the Singapore Biennale. Some of the most extensive and expensive artworks will be showcased here. One will be able to witness snowscapes by Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck.

Key sponsors of the project were invited to witness this important milestone in a short and simple ceremony. The National Arts Council's Chairman and CEO were also present.

At the touch of a button, a beam was lowered into place by a crane in the background. That marked the launch of the Containart Pavillion project.

I was awed by the future developments of the Marina Bay area. The Urban Redevelopment Authority's plans for the area are extensive and awe-inspiring.


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