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Saturday, July 19, 2008

[Meeting Residents of Blks 503-506 Hougang Ave 8]
1 I was so touched by a family at Blk 503 who received me with a cup of iced ribena and two pieces of Ferrero-Rocher chocolates on Friday night. Many residents were still not back but those that were were happy to chat and take pictures. At 9pm, I went down to one of the void deck of Blk 506 for a dialogue session. As residents were more comfortable speaking in small groups, I went around to meet them informally. I invited some of those with specific problems (like citizenship applications) to see me at my MPS.

2 One resident lamented the unplucked mangoes in the vicinity and asked if the RC could organise harvests so that the mangoes could either be shared or sold for charity. Another asked if some land could be set aside for residents to plant things. Cleanliness was again one area of complaint. I keep hearing that the area only gets thoroughly cleaned when the MP comes around. Unfortunately, with so many blocks to visit, I can only come around once every few years. The Town Council staff got a earful from me.

3. Going around, one trend cheered me up, which is the growing number of kids who go to polys and universities. I can see that many of them are smart and self-confident. For them, the job market is good. I hope more of them will come join our RC activities and help look after our local communities.

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