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Thursday, July 17, 2008

[Nasi Lemak @ 6 milestone, Upper Serangoon Road]
1. Finally, I got to try this famous nasi lemak and found it equal to its reputation. I was having dinner with some RC members before MPS. We tried a little of everything - the fried fish, eggs, long beans, otak otak, ngoh hiang, fried chicken, sayor lodeh, acar acar. There were durian stalls nearby but we were too full. Throughout the time we were there, there was a long line of customers. I was told the oyster omelette next door is also outstanding.

2. The stall owner's daughter and her mother came by to chat. They suggested some improvements to the traffic flow. I have since discussed the matter with the MP responsible for that area, Yeo Guat Kwang. Problem is that the business is so good, some customers park their cars indiscriminately, causing traffic jams and inconveniencing nearby residents. Traffic management is always a matter of balancing competing and conflicting needs. One improvement I suggested was a timer at the traffic lights crossing so that pedestrians know how many seconds they have left to cross the road.

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