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Friday, July 04, 2008

[Neighbourhood Get-Together]
1. I visited the homes at Blk 532, Hougang Ave 6 on Wednesday evening and had a lively dialogue session with residents of Blks 531-533 after that. They were happy to hear that there would soon be lift upgrading. One resident was concerned that there could be less than 75% in favour which would disadvantage older residents. With the population ageing, creaky knees are a growing problem.

2. I forgot to announce that that particular area had been selected for Neighbourhood Renewal, which is a new national programme. The RC will be gathering feedback on the improvements residents would like to see. We'll need a sense of the priorities because there is always a budget constraint.

3. The lack of cleanliness was raised by a number of residents. I've asked the Town Council to increase supervision because of frequent complaints that cleaning workers are not doing their job. I also hope that residents will do their bit to keep the place clean. Those living at lower floors often dare not hang their clothes out to dry because of rubbish thrown from higher floors.

4. One group asked for more such get-togethers, saying that it was the first time that they got to meet their neighbours. That surprised me. Kent, who is our new RC Chairman, said he would follow up. Poor road safety was another concern raised.

5. The new soccer field with the running track around it is a hit. It is nice to see residents jog in the daytime and at night.

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