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Sunday, July 13, 2008

[Racial Harmony and the Olympic Spirit]
1. The MPs of Aljunied GRC took part in a racial harmony event on Sunday morning. Residents from different parts of the GRC converged by foot on Hougang Stadium where we had fun and games. The mood was good reflecting a certain confidence that racial harmony is now an integral part of our society. But it is best we don't take this for granted. Feelings of race and religion are never far beneath the surface.

2. The Olympic spirit recognises that all of us share a common humanity; hence atheletes compete as equals. The values associated with the Olympic spirit are unity, friendship, progress, participation, harmony and dream. These are all values which help build multi-racial and multi-religious societies. Since we'll be hosting the YOG in 2010, it is right that we promote the Olympic spirit as part of our Singapore spirit. That was the gist of the short speech I gave.

3. But, amidst the fun and games, the worrying news of the collapse of mortgage lender IndyMac Bank in Pasadena and the panicky sell-off of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shares played in my mind all day. This is a major financial crisis which will affect the whole world. Fortunately, the organic growth of China and India will provide us some buffer.

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