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Sunday, July 06, 2008

[Racial Harmony Run]
1 NECDC's Racial Harmony Run on Saturday was an interesting fusion of multi-racial harmony and the Olympic ideal. The basic idea is that we are all members of the human family; so let us live together in peace and friendship.

2. Mayor Zainul asked me to take the last leg from Punggol CC to Serangoon JC. I took over the torch from Michael Palmer who had cycled, kayaked and ran before that. He must be a triathlete. Boy, the torch was heavy. I put on my best effort when the cameras were taking pictures, then passed the torch on to the others, before taking it back for the final run into the stadium. We ran 2 km at a relatively slow clip.

3. At the stadium, many school kids put up performances reflecting our diverse heritage. I must say they did very well. Masagos told me that our kids do much better than kids in other countries. I remember the school performances put up when I was a kid which were a far cry from those we see nowadays.

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