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Saturday, July 26, 2008

People tell me that I am a superman. Long hours of work, grassroots work and other committments. They must think I have good time management skills. Maybe.

I'm going to blog a lot today because there are so many updates in my life.

F1 training just started last weekend and I am straddling reporting duties at National Day Parade. Then there is the usual day-to-day work.

I cannot talk too much about F1 because there are a lot of confidential stuff. But I am learning a lot. I am beginning to understand the different flags and hand communication signs used in the race. That's the first part to being a good race official. This will not be the first I must say. It will go on for a few years. I assume that I have signed on already.

It is my second year covering NDP at the floating platform. I've did it for the longest time since early 2000. In fact, I have watched almost every NDP from 2000 onwards. It is a patriotic display. I mean the parade and not my actions. This year, I'll be at the Press Stand. I was there last year too and the view is fantastic. I'm gonna take more snaps.

Working on NDP stories means that I get to go behind-the-scenes too - the things you do not get to see on TV.

This is the makeshift makeup unit area of the wheelchair dance performance which is located outside the media briefing room. It is where people from the media gather every week before the parade begins. Well, 9 August 2008 is gonna be a memorable one.


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