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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

[Trendy Kovan]
1 Before Tuesday's MPS, I had dinner with members of the Constituency Sports Club at the New HK Cafe (ÐÂÍú) at Heartland Mall. It is quite hip with mostly young customers. The food was simple but tasty. We did not order dessert but looking at those ordered by others, the desserts were quite fancy. I had an iced milk tea which came in a generous stainless steel mug. Fruit juices came in tall glasses.

2. The young man who served us was enthusiastic and helpful. I was impressed by the way he held himself. He had been working there a year, saving up money to further his education.

3. The relocation of the bus terminal out of Kovan was a blessing in disguise. It freed up land for a big car park which has brought in a different clientele for the shops and restaurants in the area. At that time, however, the dislocation caused by the change of traffic pattern created a lot of unhappiness. Change is never easy even when it is for the better. Good thing we had Cynthia Lee there to ease things along.

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