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Thursday, July 10, 2008

[Why Can't We Be Like AMK?]
1. At my dialogue session on Wednesday night with residents of Blks 417-418, 433-434, I received a few complaints about the quality of facilities. One lady, with a smile, asked "why can't we be like Ang Mo Kio? After all, we pay the same taxes." I tried to explain the poor layout of the estate which did not anticipate the construction of the NE Line and Hougang MRT station. But understanding the point she was making, I assured her that we got our fair share of the budget and that there would be improvements.

2. As always, lift upgrading was the No 1 request. I hope that our application would be approved soon. Unfortunately, many of the blocks have a design problem with large internal voids. We will need creative engineers and architects.

3. Many residents were just happy to come and chat. Although tidbits were provided, most had already eaten. One group of senior citizens at Blk 434 where I visited door-to-door walked across the road with me to Blk 417 for the dialogue session.

4. Sitting in front was a young man in NS uniform with his parents. He had just come back from camp and gave me a smart salute. I had met his parents and brother earlier in their flat and talked about his application for a university place.

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