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Friday, August 15, 2008

[Celebrating the Singapore Spirit]
No one can really define what the Singapore Spirit really is.

Well, for my NDP reportage, I did manage to overhear and gather some interesting anecdotes.

I tried to ask a cheerleader from a Junior College in Singapore (not saying which) but she was too shy to answer my questions. Then I asked a few guys. One told me that the Singapore Spirit was about giving up seats for the elderly and being considerate. How sweet!

Yet another said it was working together as one. I guess he was referring to a cheerleading routine - can't be done by one person alone. It needs team work.

I overheard an auntie in the stands during NDP. When the Prime Minister and President's cars arrived at the parade, she asked her friend to check out the number plate. Well, it's the 4D Singapore Spirit. Pity for her, the cars only have single digits. Toto anyone?

Being part of the media team is a privilige. I like the post-parade party where I get to go onto the floating platform. And this year, there's the three-tiered stage. Once you are on it, you don't know if the audience is watching you, or if you are the one watching the audience.

Clever. Anyway, I managed some shots of things you do not see on TV.

These are the fountain nozzles that sprays water throughout the parade's musical routine.

And these are some of the numerous colourful spotlights that provide the lighting.

Cool stuff. I still have a 12 Lotus story to write. Yes, it is about the movie's press conference. I guess I'll do more updates tomorrow.


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