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Saturday, August 30, 2008

[The Singapore I Like To See When I Grow Up]
It is timely to talk about this today.

Two years ago on 30 August, Minister George Yeo made his foray into the blogosphere. Harold and I feel that it is a good time to innovate and get our youths out there talking. In view of that, we have launched the First George Yeo Blogging Competition.

It is open to Primary School, Secondary School/ITE and Junior College/Polytechnic students. The topic is "The Singapore I Like To See When I Grow Up".

What you have to do is to pen a short essay on the topic and submit it on www.whenigrowup.sg and you will stand to win attractive prizes.

The most important thing to us however is that you have fun! Join the competition now and win attractive prizes too.


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