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Saturday, August 16, 2008

[Things I will miss]
There are many things I will miss when I leave the Singapore Biennale office. Officially, my stint with the National Arts Council has ended. But, the Biennale's just begun - artists will be installing their works in the three main sites from next week onwards. So there's reason to be back.

It is tough to make a choice and decide my favourite one. City Hall, South Beach Development and the Central Promontory Site - three exclusive areas with their respective good points.

I'll be blogging about the two other sites soon after my initial post on the groundbreaking of the Central Promontory Site. But in essence, I agree with my colleagues that we should not judge the sites by what they look like but on the quality of the works when the Biennale officially opens on 9 September. I'm excited.

Another aspect I would miss would be the close interaction with the artistic director, Fumio, and the curators, Joselina and Matthew. Fumio has his fun accent, Joselina and Matthew have their humourous and hilarious jokes. And they like to poke fun at each other.

I can recall vividly that during the first (and only) curatorial meeting that I attended, Fumio was fumbling with his new gadget - the MacAir - and somehow, it nearly died at his hands. Well, fortunately it did not.

As for the staff, you will remember Michelle because one usually hears her before one sees her. Her voice and laughter booms throughout the office that I once suggested that we record her laughter and make it into a Biennale audio work.

Well, it has been some four months at the Singapore Biennale office and I will miss my desk too!


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