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Sunday, September 14, 2008

[Coffee Talk at Delifrance]
The coffee talk at Hougang Mall's Delifrance on Saturday afternoon organised by my YP covered a range of issues. Happily it was an exchange and not just a Q & A. Freedom of speech was a subject which elicited a range of responses. One young man from the entertainment industry, a rapper, lamented the lack of support for some types of music, like indie rock. He did not ask for government financing. I recalled my years in MICA and the need to persist. Good things take time.

A third of those who came were FB friends which was nice. They were surprised and glad to hear that I did not use assistants to reply for me on FB. I added that it has been fun so far and that the moment it ceases to be fun, I should stop doing it.

At the end of the session, a birthday cake was wheeled in. It was my second birthday cake; I had just celebrated my birthday with my family over lunch at Changi Point's Ubin Restaurant. Before the Happy Birthday song was sung, one young man asked the others to wait until he could take out his violin from its case. It was the first time in my life that I had a violin accompaniment to my birthday song. Thanks Zhari. Zaobao carried a picture of it.

I then chatted with a few young supporters about the feeling of alienation by some Singaporeans. They told me that, despite various efforts by government, there is a feeling that they are not loved. I think Catherine Lim once described it as an 'affective divide'. I replied that this is a subject about which I would like to discuss with them more deeply on another occasion.

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