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Sunday, September 14, 2008

[Feastday at Nativity]
Redemptorist Fr Paul gave a good sermon at Mass reminding us that the kingdom of God is on earth too. He said he was charged up by the nasi bryani before that. The food and fun fair this year was much bigger. Fr Siew must have brought over some of his contacts from St Anne's. He has now started a free daily soup kitchen for breakfast and lunch. He also has a plan to improve some of the church facilities. I asked him to let me know how we in the constituency can help.

As always, the food was excellent. I had one and a half plates of char kuay teow and some curry chicken. Didn't have space for other tempting items on offer. Walking around, I was persuaded to buy nonya bak chang for later consumption. A fresh orange juice was also welcome. My cousin Nancy gave me a jug of cookies she had baked.

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