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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

[Mid Autumn at Bedok Reservoir]
The rain threatened to spoil everything. Happily it dried up after 8pm and we had a wondeful celebration of Mid Autumn at the Bedok Reservoir. Ours must be the first floating ge tai in Singapore. Xiao Hei (小黑)was the star of the evening. An Indian from Malaysia, he sang Hokkien songs with great zest. He was the original singer of 881's jit lang jit pua (一人一半).

The full moon ducked in and out of the clouds. By 11pm it was at its full Mid Autumn glory. The weather was perfect, the earlier rain giving way to a clear, cool evening. There was a large crowd enjoying the performance. From time to time, a bat skimmed the water surface before the floating stage. Reservoir Village shows great promise.

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