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Thursday, September 18, 2008

[Visiting Residents at Hougang Ave 8 Harmony RC]
Because of Ramadan, we started at 8pm instead of 7.30pm. As Blk 463 did not have too many units, I was able to complete all the units by 9.10pm. I then went to the void deck of Blk 461 for a dialogue session with residents in the neighbourhood.

With the lifts now stopping on every floor, a major need has been met. There were not many new requests. Some corner units experience water seeping in when there is heavy rain. A resident asked if we could upgrade the playgrounds. Another suggested a covered drop off point. The replacement of sun shades was another issue. The lack of carparking for season pass holders at night was raised by a number of individuals.

HDB will soon be introducing an Electronic Parking System or EPS. When by mistake I said ERP instead of EPS, some residents must have skipped a heartbeat. The EPS will control the number of non-season pass cars coming in at night. I hope it will be an improvement.

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