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Saturday, October 25, 2008

[The challenge]
One thing about volunteer work is the amount of enjoyment you get out of it - you enjoy it so you do it. And that is why I am back this year (also to initiate Kenneth) into the Standard Chartered Marathon force.

Last year I was a leader of a drinks station and this year my job is still related to drinks albeit on a different scale. This time round I will be a drinks stations manager for two sectors of the marathon route and this includes 10 sub-sectors. Two sectors is equivalent to almost half of the whole route.

It will be a total of 17 drinks stations that I have under my charge including three Drinks Sector Managers. That will mean having more than 500 volunteers under my care. I am looking forward to meeting them personally because it will be a whole load of fun.

I met a few of my Drinks Station Leaders today and there was a trip around our areas which started at the new Singapore Sports Council (SSC) building.

It's a nice place to be.

Well of course if you know, I started out volunteering first with SSC few years back.


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