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Thursday, October 30, 2008

[Sing To The Dawn]
I was delighted to be Guest-of-Honour at the premier of the animation movie "Sing To The Dawn" on Wednesday at VivoCity. It is Singapore's first animation movie based on Ho Min Fong's book. Daniel Yun of Raintree reminded me that I was the Guest-of-Honour at Raintree's first movie by Jack Neo "Liang Po Po" ten years ago. I was Minister for Information and the Arts then and told them that they could use some Hokkien.

For "Sing To The Dawn", much of the work was done in Batam where costs are lower. I thought the producer did a good job setting the movie in Southeast Asia. Ho Ming Fong gave the movie high marks, eleven out of ten, she said. Some ten years ago, I saw the stage production by Dick Lee. The movie industry in Singapore is promising. Chris Chia of MDA is an enthusiastic promoter. The animation industry is developing a critical mass. We had a breakthrough when Lucas Studios established a facility here which attracts talent from all over the region.

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