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Friday, October 31, 2008

[Singapore Biennale 2008]
This year's Biennale is smaller than the last one but more focussed. Kee Hong and Ephraim brought me to all three locations at City Hall, the Central Promontory Site and South Beach. Kee Hong who led the team putting the Biennale together was very verbal which helped me appreciate some of the finer points of the exhibits. Ephraim helped produce the Guide as editorial assistant.

At City Hall, Zadok Ben David's 'Blackfield' was evocative. Depending on which direction you walk to see the trees, the future is either full of hope or filled with despair.

At the old Beach Road Army 'Drill Hall', Felice Varini played with perspectives, projecting a 2D image onto a 3D space. The viewer is irrisistably moved to the unmarked focal point of the rays.

I enjoyed Location (6) at Marina Bay the most. The cunning use of optical illusion gives a sense of great expanse in what are really limited confines.

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