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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

[When I Grow Up - Secondary]
Here's a combination of all the interesting quotes from the Secondary School students that I found interesting. These were part of the submissions for the First George Yeo Blogging Competition.

One thing to note: It does not mean that those entries which are not here did not win. Neither does it mean that the winners are among here. These are just what I felt were interesting.

We will be releasing the results on 5 November at a ceremony. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, here are the interesting ones.

Foreign talents (sic) can indeed help to develop our economy and allow Singapore to prosper. However, I am quite doubtful about certain foreigners that we ‘welcome’ to our country. Is prostitution or becoming the third party in a marriage considered a talent as well? Perhaps we should relook our foreign talent policy and list out stringent measures so that only the genuine talents are allowed into our gates.
Cheryl Thian, Bukit Panjang Government High School

I would want to see some of the teachers to be a robot which has a lot of function. Such as printing out the paper from the computer.

Our SWFs becoming more transparent. I know it is a rigid policy in the government, but since GIC and Temasek invest for the nation’s good, why isn’t it possible issue budget statements like the Finance Ministry.
Koh Kang Liang, Gan Eng Seng School

I hope students will be treated as human beings, not animals. No classifying them as gifted, express, normal academic, normal tech …… all should be treated equally. When we go out to work in society, there are all kinds of people. They don’t group themselves into Gifted, Normal, Express.

Home is where we mostly eat, drink, sleep and many more. The lights in the house must be on and switched off automatically when snapping the hand twice the living room must be big so that we no need to squeeze in.

There must also be one rule where all houses must have at least one plant because in the future there might be gobal (sic) warming. So to prevent it, every house must have at least one plant.
Koh Li Fang

There is no perfect world, and I believe Singapore would not be perfect twenty years later, but at least it would be a comfortable and pleasing one, where everyone has their own work to do, their own styles of life, their own pursuits of happiness. Would Singapore be as I wish it to be?
Wong Ji Inn, Nanyang Girls’ High School

I think the children should have more time to chat with their parents. I think the parent also should take their children for a trip to other country to have a better relationship. Parents also have to go home on time to have a dinner together everyday.
See Hiang

Other things I also hope to see as I grow would be, a lower in cabfare (sic) or perhaps a student price would also be nice as sometimes we have to rush to places and taking the bus is quite a slow journey,
Daryl Koh Chong Wei, Hwa Chong International School

There is so much in life, and it would be nothing but a mere waste of time if we just focus on the things that make us stressed and unhappy in life.
Jane, Bukit Panjang Government High

In case of threats of dangers such as alien invasions or war, more powerful and high-tech weapons such as rocket launchers, lasers, plasma rifle or plasma grenades can be created to protect us. However, we can also create spaceships to send us to find life on other places and make good relationships with aliens to prevent war from happening.
Ooi Jun Ming, Maris Stella High School


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