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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

[Brazil-Singapore Relations]
PM Lee had a short but productive visit to Brazil. At both Sao Paulo and Brasilia, he introduced MM's memoirs in the Portuguese language, complementing the Spanish version launched a week earlier.

President Lula received PM Lee warmly and said he would visit Singapore next year with a business delegation. With the growing importance of Asia, the countries of Latin American want to diversify their links beyond the US and Europe. Indeed the growth of the middle classes in Asia will bring about a new era of prosperity for all those countries in Latin America like the countries of Mercosur (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay), Chile and Peru which has the land and coastlines to supply meats, marine products, grains and other products.

As they look towards Asia, their interest in Singapore grows. The translation of MM's memoirs into Spanish and Portuguese is therefore timely. The Paraguay Trade Minister whom I met in Brasilia during the ASEAN-Mercosur Ministerial Meeting was delighted to receive the Spanish version, adding that it was his hope that Paraguay could be like Singapore!

Arriving at the Brazilian Foreign Ministry (Itamaraty Palace) for the ASEAN-Mercosur Talks

ASEAN and Mercosur ministers at lunch

Class Pix

Signing Science and Tech Agreement

Signing Air Services Agreement

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