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Friday, November 14, 2008

[Flood in Yemen]
While the Singapore Government contributed US$20,000 for flood victims in Yemen, various organisations in Singapore has been raising money as well. We passed the hat around in Aljunied GRC and collected $22,000. Then, this morning, a friend of mine who has been to the Hadramaut in South Yemen before said he would double it. God bless him.

On Friday evening, we had a small ceremony at Punggol CC to hand the cheque to Mercy Relief which has organised medical teams. Members of the Arab Association also turned up. I was touched by the attendance of Habib Hassan of Ba'Alwi Mosque. Mr Hassan from Mercy Relief had just come back from the Yemen and showed us pictures of the terrible damage caused by the flood. Normally, rainfall is greeted as a blessing in this arid region. But the three days of rain at the end of October caused a flood never seen before in living memory.

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