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Sunday, November 30, 2008

[For once I am thanking God]
It's that time of the year again. Exams have ended.

I always enjoy the time after exams. For those who have been following closely, the time after my exams is used to write about politics and what I have learnt. Sometimes it applies to the Singapore model.

In a month, 2008 will come to an end. I am grateful and thank God for the many wonderful opportunities that I have been given, time after time, year after year. So God, if you are reading this: A big thank you to you!

Often, we get caught up with our lives, with our work, with the many many achievements that we want and aim for. And we neglect God and the people that we love around us.

I would really love to take a break from everything and just wander aimlessly and feel lost. Because it is when you are lost that you get found - it is where you find meaning in life.

One day I just wanna take the train and venture out there. One day, I like to give up all that I have, to find meaning in life. I hate to be in a rat race honestly.

There are many things that I thank God for. And I am looking forward to my week ahead - it's gonna be hectic (as usual), it's gonna be exciting cause I am attending a musical with a special person (I love musicals) and I am looking forward to participating at next year's visual arts exhibition at the SMU Arts Festival.

For the first time, I am revealing this. It is something that only people close to me and close to the arts know about this. And I am really excited to be working with some accomplished artists. Installation will be in December and the exhibition will open to the public in early January.

Is it over now? Do we really have to say goodbye?
Does it mean that we can't talk anymore?
Cause I still love you so
Cause I didn't mean to break your heart
If only you knew why I had to let you go

It's from Tanya Chua. Inspirational and very emo.



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Sunday, November 30, 2008 11:06:00 pm


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