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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

[Great Success!]
Before I flew off to Barcelona, I was relieved to received an SMS that all affected blocks (520-525, 530-533) at Hougang Ave 6 voted for lift upgrading. I was down in the afternoon persuading the second floor residents of Blk 533, leaving hand-written notes to residents who were not in. Another block I visited a few days earlier voted overwhelmingly in favour even though a straw poll conducted earlier showed less enthusiasm. Two blocks in other parts of my division had voted 'no' some years before (meaning less than 75%). The residents have come back to me repeatedly since hoping that they can be given another chance.

I thank Kent and his RC members and the good people of HDB for all the legwork they put in.

As the populations ages, lift upgrading has become the number one request all over Singapore. I'm glad that the upgrading has already been done or soon will be in most parts of my division.

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