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Saturday, November 22, 2008

[I am finally on Facebook]
One of the reasons why I did not want to join Facebook was because of the intrusive-ness. But nevertheless, I started my own profile a few days ago. I must say it is addictive.

Have been busy preparing for my exams. Again, every semester is a great learning opportunity. This time is no different and this term I studied a lot about domestic politics and international politics.

Time and time again, I marvel at the amount of knowledge out there and the multitude of academic papers to read. Each one is interesting and reading papers is something one has to do to survive in the School of Social Sciences. That is the rigour of having to do a political science major.

I recall in 2006, Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo had asked me why I chose to study social sciences. I know the answer now. For me, social science is an exciting new realm which not many people would want to study - who cares about poverty in third world nations or what policies in Thailand caused great development? Well, social science students do.

Having spent three years in Engineering school, I think the change to social science is refreshing. It is wholesome. First a polytechnic education in the sciences, then a university education in the arts. How much more all-rounded could it get?


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