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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

[The year ahead]
Last night my YEC friends celebrated my birthday for me after our meeting. The actual day is today but I celebrated in advance with my family on Sunday.

At first, they brought in a slice of my favourite cake (I love cheese cake). After singing twice (in English and Mandarin), a larger cake was ushered in. Two more songs and finally I blew out the 26 candles.

I was really touched by the whole thing as well as the messages that they penned on a card specially drawn by Jesslyn.

It has been a really good experience managing a group of diverse youths ever since I became Chairman last year - working with younger people and teaching them skills which they will bring to them even after their YEC days.

So they say give a man a fish and he'll be happy for a day, teach a man how to fish and he'll have fish for his entire life. That is same with the skills that have been imparted.

The journey is long but it is worthwhile if I have like-minded people, willing to learn who are willing to walk this journey with me. At least even after my term is up next year, I leave behind with them a set of skills that they can carry with them.

So while the US is going through a change of leadership (my wish is for Obama to be the next US President), perhaps the YEC would need a change too.

Complacency sets in while one is too comfortable at the top. And that is what leaders should avoid falling into.


Blogger Bernard Leong said...

Go Pres Obama ! Roll tide

Wednesday, November 05, 2008 6:14:00 pm


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