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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

[Lo Hwei-Yen, RIP]
I attended the funeral wake of Lo Hwei-Yen last night and told Michael how helpless we in MFA felt. Our hearts go out to Michael and the family. All of us feel both sadness and anger.

The objective of the terrorists is to incite hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims and between India and Pakistan. If we fall into that trap, they would have succeeded. Ratan Tata's comments on the inadequacy of India's counter-terrorism infrastructure struck a resonant chord among many of his countrymen. I was initially surprised but fully understand why Chidambaram was asked to take over the Home Ministry when his steady hands are still needed at the Finance Ministry. As Home Minister many years ago, he tackled terrorism in the Punjab with great competence and success.

For us in Singapore, we should draw strength from Hwei-Yen's sacrifice. We will never know why the Lord called her back so early. But in our grief, we should renew our determination to fight the terrorist scourge and always cherish our racial and religious harmony.

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