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Friday, December 26, 2008

My wife and I watched Twilight, the teenage vampire movie, on Christmas Day with our teenage children three of whom had watched it more than once or twice. I might have protested too much when I told them I was watching it for sociological reasons. But it is weird how such a movie should have taken the teenage world by storm. I remember seeing the Rocky Horror Movie Show years ago in Boston with some classmates which was (maybe still is) a fascinating cult movie. The professionals tell me that in the show business, trust not your own taste but the ratings.

Because my Branch Secretary Bee Lan had told me she wanted her money back after watching Twilight, my expectations were suitably low. That was perhaps the reason why I found the movie 'not bad' (as in Chinese). Even among vampires, there are good and bad ones. The struggle between the bright and the dark side continues. My sons told me the songs in Twilight are very good (I didn't notice as following the plot was hard enough). They didn't notice that the grand piano Edward played on in his room (which I certainly won't mind living in) was a Kawai.

The trailer for the second part of Red Cliff was exciting. I'm looking forward to it.

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