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Saturday, January 10, 2009

[Behind the scenes at SMU Visual Art Exhibition]
Close to two weeks of efforts paid off tonight as my collaborative work with Singapore artist Kai Lam opened tonight at the SMU Visual Art Exhibition titled Welcome to the Real World.

Days before school re-opened this week, I was hard at work at the SMU Gallery installing the work. Prior to that, as Singapore counted down to 2009, the artist and I were busy at work. Even the days before New Year's Eve were not spared.

The idea is about freedom of expression and once you step into the work, there are many questions one may ask. The good thing is that there is no one correct answer. That is if you think along the lines of active and passive forms of expression. What happens when there is air? What happens if there is wind? And what do these difference scenarios mean?

I have to specially thank Kenneth who took time off during his holidays to help to make the kites. He also contributed to the formation of the title - I hope it was an enriching experience.

The piece titled Sticks and strings and plastic bags too. Is it wind or air? is not just about freedom of expression. It is also about creating a non-existent site in the real world and has a recycling stance to it too.

It will be on display till 7 February 2009 from 11am to 8pm daily at the SMU Gallery. Admission is free and feedback on the work is much appreciated.


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