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Sunday, January 25, 2009

[Chilling out on the eve of Chinese New Year]
I went to Zouk for Marco V last night to do an assignment for Youth.SG. That was just after taking photos of a two-and-a-half hour musical at Victoria Theatre. It is based on Hans Christian Andersen's story The Ugly Duckling and an adaptation of Honk! by Stiles and Drewe. The tickets for the stall seats were all sold out. Plus it was a great meeting of friends. I will leave my thoughts open on this for now and will blog about it again soon.

It's been long since I last went clubbing. At my age, I think, I prefer to sit down amidst wine and maybe Martinis. The Marina Mandarin has been my choice of comfort of late.

After uploading the photos at 5am in the morning, I went to bed. I filed the story this afternoon.

It is almost 12 hours later and I am still feeling drained. But it was all worth it. I'm looking forward to Chinese New Year. It's gonna be a long road to recovery for the world. Not exactly the best of times to celebrate but nonetheless, it's Chinese New Year.

Hope the slow ox will turn into a charging bull.


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