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Saturday, January 10, 2009

[Election advertising allowed after two-and-a-half years]
On 16 May 2006, I wrote about political blogging which in turn can engage apolitical youths. I sent it to The New Paper and emailed our Prime Minister.

This was what I wrote:

Now that the General Election is over, I would like to suggest that the section on election advertising under the Parliamentary Elections Act be reviewed so that blogging about politics is encouraged instead of being stifled.

I feel blogs may just be the platform to engage apolitical youths. Most of the discussions on blogs during the GE were light-hearted and this may just get youths interested in politics.

But some bloggers did flout the election advertising rules by posting video clips of rallies.

Other blogs may give untruths that may take time and effort to refute.

But having read a few blogs during the GE, I find that most bloggers are credible.

The downside is the anonymity that the Internet allows. Anyone anywhere can put defaming remarks and get away with it, and it is hard to track these irresponsible people down.

With proper control of political discussion on the Internet, more objective views can be heard. I hope that after the GE, youths can play a more active role in political discussion.

Yesterday, after almost more than two-and-a-half years, the Governement has responded through the Advisory Council on the Impact of New Media on Society (AIMS). The Straits Times reported today that the Government would also allow individuals to "participate in Internet election advertising" by "blogging or posting election materials".

The Government's stand cited in the AIMS report is cautious nonetheless. Although individuals can participate by blogging or posting election materials the Government is still studying how safeguards to maintain accountability and responsibility can be implemented to allow the people to participate freely and responsibly in Internet election advertising.

I'll be sharing more of my views at a PAYM Policy Forum on New Media later this afternoon.


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