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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Feeding the Poor]
Since April last year, a kitchen to serve free daily breakfasts and lunches to poor people has been set up at the side of Punggol's Nativity Church. I was informed of this by Fr Henry Siew a few months ago and dropped by last weekend to see the heartwarming operation for myself. There were many volunteers chopping vegetables, cooking the food, serving and washing, packing boxes for home delivery. No one was paid. All donated their time and love out of the goodness of their hearts. A few were non-Singaporeans including a Chinese national and a Taiwanese. One lady would bring boxes of food everyday to Hougang and distribute them to poor families living there. For Chinese New Year, a special buffet would be served on Monday. Anybody could come for the free food. I saw a number of foreign workers eating there.

The group is called Matthew 25. It is assisted by an NGO called Willing Hearts which helps operate similar free food facilities in other parts of Singapore. I chatted with the leader of the free kitchen Joseph and offered to help in whatever way we could.

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