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Monday, February 09, 2009

[Art gone]
By the time you read this, the SMU Visual Art Exhibition would have ended its run. I'm really grateful to be part of the exhibition and have gone through the process as an "artist" finally.

Of course, all this would not have been possible if not for the people who have helped me to design the kites.

In the early stages, my idea was about freedom of speech. It was supposed to consist of loudhailers in mid air inviting people to make their own interpretations. The idea was then expanded when the curator brought Kai Lam onboard. At the first meeting, I was quite skeptical about the whole thing but went back and did further analysis of the proposal. Finally I relented.

The idea was expanded from freedom of speech to freedom of expression. Instead of replicating a Speakers' Corner in SMU, we tried to create a "site" for freedom of expression in kites. I am also grateful to Kenneth who was present throughout the process and for his contribution to the second part of the title. He had brought in his aeronautical engineering experience which had added value to the work.

This is just the beginning. I feel that there is so much one can learn beyond the artistic value of art. Dig deeper, explore wider because therein lies the answer. If time permits and my schedule fits, I'll submit another piece next year.


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